Lascos Ukraine

Exclusive distributor of medical and beauty equipment Syneron and Candela

Lascos company is the exclusive distributor in Ukraine, the world’s leading manufacturers of laser medical equipment, as well as drugs and systems for cosmetology. Our missiiey is to provide quality and effective medical devices and cosmetic formulations according to the high level of international standards. Business credibility and a great reputation Laskos confirmed proxies and certificates of many of our partners in Ukraine.

Today it is the hardware cosmetology is one of the most promising areas in the world of modern cosmetology . Professionals in one voice say that the best effect can be achieved only by the application of high-tech beauty equipment . Among the systems we provide cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations — an undeniable technological leader in the manufacture of cosmetic lasers, Candela Corporation, the flagship of medical and dental equipment in the world Syneron, modern harvesters Swan beauty of Venus Technologies, professional kometiki Dr. Kadir, mesotherapy drugs and biorevitalisation Mesohyal company Mesoestetic, a revolutionary device BodyTite Israeli company Invasix and more.

Israeli company Syneron Medical Ltd. (NASDAQ: ELOS) sets new standards in the field of medical aesthetics. Specializing in the design and manufacture of laser systems for medicine in the field of cosmetology and dentistry , the company has offices in 57 countries . Syneron successfully makes devices that use technology ELOS. Patented technology ELOS ™ ( Electro- Optical Synergy ) , used in systems and combines combines different forms of energy , which improves efficiency and increases the safety of the use of the equipment . Due to its scientific and technological developments and extremely positive reviews of plastic surgeons and dermatologists practicing worldwide medical equipment Syneron Medical today recognized the undisputed leader in this market segment. Cosmetic laser eMax, offered by Syneron and is based on a revolutionary technology ELOS, provides scientifically proven and clinically proven solution to all the problems of your patient’s aesthetic : lifting, wrinkle reduction , hair removal , rejuvenation , acne treatment and more. Technology offers a wide range of applicators (functions) with different combinations of physical factors : RF- energy + IPL; RF- power diode laser + ; + RF- energy infrared light. Buying eMax — you get an easy to use interface — minimizing operator error , mobile, lightweight, compact , easy to fit into your clinic or office Cosmetic laser.

Medical equipment VelaShape II — special technology combines bipolar radio frequency energy safe , infrared light , vacuum and massage rollers . VelaShape II apparatus from Syneronokazyvaet impact on both the deep tissues of the body , and the upper layers of the skin , significantly reducing cellulite. This allows you to achieve excellent results in a decrease in the volume and correction.

Reliability, safety , efficiency, ease of use — the distinctive properties of laser equipment Candela, the exclusive representative in Ukraine, which is also our kompaniya.Candela Corporation ( USA) — a global leader in the manufacture of cosmetic lasers , guaranteeing high efficiency and minimum degree of interference. Candela laser technology allow doctors of various specializations safely and effectively solve many cosmetic and dermatological problems of their patients. Vbeam Perfecta — pulsed laser liquid dye created by Candela. Cosmetic laser Vbeam, designed for non-invasive vascular surgery and treatment of pigmented lesions and skin rejuvenation. Another product is a laser Candela Corporation GentleLASE, which is recognized as the «gold standard » systems epilation. This alexandrite laser with integrated skin cooling rightfully gained immense popularity among cosmetologists all over the world . Efficient and incredibly fast (up to 2 Hz) and painlessly removes hair , delivering a minimum of discomfort for your patients .

Laskos company exclusively represents in Ukraine Israeli kompaniiInvasix revolutionary equipment . In particular , the innovative device BodyTite, which simultaneously combines two of the most advanced technologies : radio wave lifting and liposuction . Equipment companies Invasix, doctors have earned recognition worldwide , allows gentle, yet very effective fight against excess weight , body fat and cellulite.

TavTech — a global leader in the manufacture of devices used by leading aesthetic medicine clinics worldwide. Ukrainian market Laskos is the exclusive distributor of TavTech ( Israel) , which produces systems for the cosmetic treatment of the skin JetPeel. Peeling procedure on the unit JetPeel using contactless gas-liquid treatment that is today one of the most progressive methods of cosmetology. JetPeel unit gently and painlessly cleans and massages the face , smooths wrinkles , improves lymphatic drainage , and oxygenates the skin and useful substances. The main advantages of this method of skin damage — his safety : correction of an oval face , neck , reducing wrinkles , mesotherapy without injections , deep moisturizing of the skin , removing puffiness , lymphatic drainage massage with a view to tightening and soft tissues of the face , neck and decollete.

For small salons and fitness clubs , our company offers machines of Swan Venus Technologies. MP2 new technology based on magnetic pulse and synergy of radio frequency energy using powerful processor enables proivodit procedure to reduce the size of the contours of the body , braces , acupuncture and lymphatic drainage . Modern design, including color touch screen, multi-function device and the attractive price makes it affordable for any level salon . Venus Concept is a leading developer and manufacturer of equipment for aesthetic medicine. The Company invests significant resources in the development of devices based on advanced technologies aimed at customer satisfaction and user comfort . The fundamental philosophy of Venus Concept- ensuring the continued success of customers by providing innovative advanced technology at affordable prices.

Syneron Dental Lasers Technology is a leader in the international laser dentistry . Syneron Dental Lasers company known in the dental industry as the inventor of a patented laser technology Laser-in-the-handpiece for Er: YAG laser LiteTouch. Syneron Dental Lasers company was established in 2005 , under the control of Syneron Medical Ltd. — World market leader in equipment for aesthetic medicine. With its undisputed innovative approach to aesthetic treatments like facial and body , Syneron Medical has created a laser in the dental industry . Unique laser company Syneron Dental Laserspredlagaet innovative treatments for diseases of both hard and soft tissues.

Urology clinics can buy our modern equipment used today in the best urology clinics in the world . Direx Group and Initia have created an alliance that seeks to provide urologists around the world with innovative high-tech devices . The company is a distributor of equipment Laskos Direx Group in Ukraine. Apparatus for radiofrequency treatment of prostatitis TEMRPO ( Tempra ) from Direx Group — is the newest approach in the treatment of chronic prostatitis , based on transurethral radio wave therapy . Treatment effectively and safely requires a cooling system and measuring the rectal temperature. Tempro offers a unique bi-polar radio frequency technology that allows the urologist to make the treatment of prostatitis varying severity with just one type of applicators ( thermal electrodes — catheters) .

Products known Spanish company Mesoestetic now available for leading clinics of Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. Laskos offers a unique series of products for mesotherapy and biorevitalisation company Mesoestetic, containing the latest technology with a cross structure of the molecular bonds of hyaluronic acid. Series production is highly Mesohyal safety and cleanliness . Products Mesoestetic — Mesohyal Hyaluronic, using the highest concentration of stabilized hyaluronic acid ( among preparations for biorevitalisation ) , has a wonderful rejuvenating and moisturizing effect .

Laskos company is the official representative in Ukraine of exclusive Israeli kosmetikiDr . Kadir, which enables our customers to purchase professional cosmetics for use in salons and for home care of your customers at very affordable prices . Dr. Ron Kadir Laboratoriespredlagaet cosmetics for all skin types and any age . Permanent quality control at all stages of production in the laboratory Dr. Kadir, high quality raw materials , a high concentration of active ingredients , natural composition — all these and other advantages offers cosmetics Dr. Kadir.

Main Line Dr. Kadir:

  • RAINFOREST — line , based on the use of natural ingredients of natural origin ;
  • Apple Lift — line of products designed to care for tired skin . Included in this line extracts of apple stem cells have tonchayschey structure and provide complete nutrition, hydration , lifting ;
  • Phytosterol 40 + — line based on the action of extracts of soy and wild yams . Substances derived from these plants are ;
  • MATRIX ® Anti-Aging Car — intensive rejuvenation ;
  • New Collagen — line of products based on low molecular weight protein mikrokollagena that perfectly penetrates the skin and stimulates the production of collagen . Series is used for mature skin 30 years ;
  • SEBO-RELIEF — consists of natural ingredients and designed for sensitive skin ;
  • Eye Care — product line of eye care for young and mature skin ;
  • Deep Restore — for aging skin with 35 years. Series is designed for deep recovery;
  • Line B- 3 — a series of funds for problem skin on the basis of vitamin B3 ;
  • Hydroxy and Retinol line — means for young and mature skin , based on the use of alpha and beta hydroxy acids that stimulate the synthesis of collagen ;
  • B-Serum — Serum botox effect . Contains a substance — a biologically active protein ACETYL HEXAPEPTIDE 3 , reducing wrinkles in the forehead and corners of the eyes ;
  • both.

Acquainted with the products offered by our company , you can visit our Kiev office , or meet us at the leading health and beauty exhibitions in Ukraine .

Warranty and Education

Laskos company provides warranty on all systems supplied by us . During the warranty period and postarantiynogo you receive ongoing support by phone , if necessary, the service engineer will take you within 24-72 hours . When purchasing any system, you have the opportunity to get the training free of charge in our Kyiv office or by appointment at your clinic ( inner) , where equipment will be used .

Our company holds a large number of seminars and workshops for training in the use of our systems and cosmetics , as well as business seminars that will help you acquire all the necessary knowledge in the art, and thus attract more customers.

Laskos team is always happy to assist in the selection of your medical device or cosmetic products and place your order . We welcome your inquiries and guarantee the most affordable prices beauty equipment and apparatus. In addition, for regular customers we have a flexible system of discounts.

Call us at tel. +38 ( 044) 221-97-01 , and get great quality equipment from leading manufacturers. Our managers will be happy to provide information on equipment vischerpyvayuschuyu your clinic or salon.